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Why Holidays and More

Unique Destination

We don’t go by the old dust covered book. We believe in exploring new places and destinations. Whatever is your pick, we will take you there.

Customized Packages

Based on your preferences in terms of city, speed, group/individual and more parameters, we handcraft a package just for you!

Versatile Offerings

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced trekker or leisure traveller, we’ve got something to suit all your needs and desires.

Pick up & Drop Services

We provide end to end services. Picking up from airport, dropping to hotel and commuting around town, everything is covered.

Cheapest Fares

We proudly claim to offer the cheapest possible fares you can receive for the tour packages that we provide.

Local Support

Our network is so widespread that no matter what part of the world you choose to come with us to, we will have our own local support group to make your travel comfortable.

Self Travelled Advisors

Our tour guides have travelled these destinations extensively and are well versed with every nook and corner. You will never face any problem in foreign lands.

VISA facilities

We help our clients to avail visitor visa for their international travel. From document filing to getting it issued, we provide support till the end step.

Let's set trip for your Holidays!

About Holidays and More

We make your travel dreams come true

The horizons stretch beyond any one persons imagination. You may have heard the call of the wild, the whispers of the trees on some high mountain miles away. You may have smelled the waft of lavender blossoms and grapes ripe for harvesting in the breeze. These moments of indescribable beauty lying just out of grasp. Holidays and More will take you where you want to go, and make sure your experience is one you will cherish forever.


It gets even better if you’re a woman and want to travel solo!

No, we’re not being sarcastic.

Introducing Memory Makers, a tour group made of women, by women and for women.

(Psst, you can also bring your female clan along; the more the merrier, always!)

So ladies, leave all your worries back home and come join us for you most memorable escapade ever.


Royal African trip with my friends was way too much fun. I loved every moment spent during these holidays.

Radhika Mittal

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of Moscow. You were able to show us all that I wanted to see plus more.

Pooja Sharma

Wonderful trip! Nature, people, service, everything was up to or even exceeded our expectations.

Shreya Fomra

It was fun and an adventure, met some amazing friends for life and shared some beautiful memories together.

Shruti Thappar

I loved Iceland and the whole trip. Holidays & More were the most supportive to make everything happen.

Nishi Aswani

I had a good time on our Namibia trip with Holidays & More. I captured some stunning images of the desert.

Niharika Malhotra

10000+ Happy Clients!